Drivers To Face Tougher Speeding Rules

The Metropolitan Police have announced tougher speeding rules for drivers, meaning thousands more motorists may face legal action…

Tougher Speeding Rules

Thousands more drivers could be at risk of legal action from new speeding rules being issued by the Metropolitan Police. Motorists will now face prosecution if they’re caught driving above the limit by 10% plus 2mph. Previously, this rule was 10% plus 3mph (the so-called 10 + 3 rule). The Met had not actually announced the rule change prior to it coming into effect.

Police forces are encouraged to offer drivers some leeway when it comes to speeding. They’ve historically been advised to employ the 10 + 3 rule at their own discretion. However, they’re not obligated to and drivers can technically be penalised for driving at just 1mph above a given limit.

Never an Excuse 

A report from This Is Money suggests that the new rule could see an additional 347,000 drivers being prosecuted for speeding between January and June in 2022. For perspective, that’s an increase of 259% compared with the previous six months before the new rule came into effect.

Regardless of leeway rules, the Met has advised drivers to obey speed limits at all times. In a statement it said, “posted speed limits are the maximum speed that road users should travel at any time irrespective of the speed threshold that police commence enforcement action”. In other words, drivers should never assume that they’ll benefit from police guidelines; forces can choose to ignore them entirely.

So, if you’re planning on driving in London, make sure to familiarise yourself with the new rule. It remains to be seen if other parts of the country will also embrace tougher speeding guidelines.

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