Driving Distractions: How To Keep Your Focus On The Road

Driving requires our full attention at all times. Unfortunately, there are all manner of distractions motorists can face. Here’s how to deal with them…


Not all driving distractions involve something external to ourselves. Indeed, it’s easy to become bored whilst behind the wheel; especially during long and monotonous journeys, such as on a lengthy stretch of motorway. Many of us can find ourselves entering a kind of ‘pilot’ mode, driving whilst not truly taking in our surroundings. This can naturally pose a danger, and increase our reaction times.

Make sure to get plenty of rest before setting out on a lengthy drive, and take regular breaks to keep things fresh. If there’s something on your mind, try to put it to one side whilst you’re out on the road.

Mobile Phones

The vast majority of us have mobile phones and, in many cases, they essentially contain our identities and our very lives; the people we talk to, the things we’re interested in. This can make ignoring them for lengthy periods of time challenging. However, it’s both a common and major driving distraction that causes all manner of accidents; many of which prove fatal. If you struggle to ignore your phone, but it on silent and store it somewhere inaccessible – such as a glove box or a bag.


Driving with company can be fun and can help break up monotonous journeys. But, of course, passengers can be a major driving distraction; especially when it comes to young children or pets. Children in particular can be noisy and easily become bored. Try to keep them entertained and occupied with toys, books or something to watch. As far as pets are concerned, keep them in the boot and properly secure them.

Infotainment Systems 

It’s a bit of a paradox that, whilst governments are clamping down on mobile phone use whilst driving, car manufacturers are rolling out increasingly elaborate and advanced infotainment systems. We can turn dials and push buttons to our heart’s content. But whilst the law may not have much to say on this, we should still try to resist the temptation of constantly playing with settings. Set up a playlist for your music and sort your AC settings before setting off on your journey.

Eating or Drinking

It’s not a crime to eat or drink whilst driving although, if you end up in an accident, it could be used against you. Nevertheless, you should avoid doing it unless you absolutely have to. A few sips of water, for instance, shouldn’t pose too much of a problem as long as you keep your eyes on the road. Devouring a sandwich, however, is more time-consuming and hands on. Deal with your appetite before hitting the road.

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