Driving Etiquette: Ten Signs That You’re A Courteous Driver

Proper driving etiquette can make Britain’s roads far less daunting places to be for everyone. Here’s ten signs that you’re doing your bit by being a friendly driver…

1) You Remember To Say ‘Thank You’

It’s not hard to make your gratitude known to other drivers when they make life easier for you. In fact, it’s at the heart of driving etiquette. If someone gives way to you, or let’s you into their lane, a subtle arm or hand gesture can go a long way (as can a flash of the rear indicators); and encourage them to continue to be lenient towards other drivers in the future. Just remember to keep an eye on the road when giving your thanks.

2) You’re Patient With Nervous And Learner Drivers

You were a learner driver once and, all being well, you’ll be a highly experienced driver one day (if you’re not already). So there’s every reason to be considerate towards motorists who may not be as confident or as experienced as you are. Give them plenty of space and be patient with them if they’re a little slow off of the mark. Aggressive behaviour, after all, will only make them panic or make all manner of mistakes.

3) You’re Not A Space Invader

The government is running a ‘space invader’ campaign in order to discourage drivers who may otherwise feel tempted to tailgate. Tailgating can be intimidating and incredibly dangerous. It’s vital to provide other drivers, and road-users such as cyclists, with plenty of space. This means you’ll have plenty of time to react if they come to a sudden stoop. It also means you won’t be frightening or bullying anyone else on the road network.

4) You Always Indicate Before A Manoeuvre

Your indicators are there for a reason – to inform other road-users of your intentions. Indicate, and in good time, before making a turn or manoeuvre. This is vital for safety but it’s also good driving etiquette. After all, failing to indicate on a roundabout (for instance) can cause another driving to miss an opportunity to make progress.

5) You Don’t Litter On The Roads 

We’ve all seen drivers who sling rubbish out of their cars whilst on the move, whether it’s food packaging or a cigarette. This practice is bad news for the environment but it can also present risks for other drivers who may have to dodge it. Save any litter for when you reach your destination and have access to a bin.

6) You Give Way (When It’s Safe To Do So)

We all hate waiting at a junction, waiting for what feels like an age to join the flow of traffic. So, when we see other drivers doing the same, it makes sense to let one or two vehicles out when it’s safe to do so. This keeps the flow of traffic moving. Just make sure to slow down, assess your surroundings and communicate clearly – be vigilant when the other driver responds. It’s also good driving etiquette to move over to another lane on motorways when other motorists are joining from a junction.

7) You Don’t Max Out The Stereo 

Who doesn’t love listening to their favourite music whilst behind the wheel? Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between listening to our music and the music of other drivers who, for whatever reason, sometimes decide to share it with everyone else. This can be distracting and, during evenings, disruptive. Keep the volume of your music at a reasonable level.

8) You Use Your Horn Properly 

Your car’s horn exists to make other road-users aware of your presence when they’d otherwise have missed you. It’s not there to intimidate or scold other drivers, nor is it there to let off steam or frantically get the attention of a friend you happen to have stumbled across.

9) You’re Forgiving Of Driver Errors 

No driver, no matter how experienced, is perfect. Every driver will make mistakes and, most likely, on a fairly regular basis. The point is to drive safely and to have proper consideration for other road-users. If someone makes a mistakes, it’s not your job to correct their behaviour, to chastise them or dispense any kind of justice. Simply forgive and forget.

10) You Use Motorway Lanes Correctly  

A surprising number of motorists don’t seem to know how to use motorways correctly; or simply choose to flout the rules. When you’re not actively overtaking, you should be in the inside lane. That’s the one on the far-left, for reference. If you’re regularly in outside lanes for prolonged periods of time, you’re not using motorways correctly. If you choose to remain in outside lanes even when traffic is light, you’re a ‘middle-lane hogger’. That’s a great way to irritate other motorists and, quite possibly, land a steep fine.

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