Driving In Spring: Here’s What You Need To Know

Winter is finally behind us, and the Spring has begun. Here’s what motorists need to know and what they should prepare for…


The UK is no stranger to rain, but Spring is a particularly damp season – especially in April. Heavy rain can lead to slippery road surfaces, as well as greatly reduced visibility. This means increased stopping times and the need for greatly reduced speeds. You’ll want to ensure that your tyres are properly inflated and have sufficient tread, so that your car will have enough grip. In addition, make sure that your windscreen wipers are working properly and that your cars screenwash is topped up.


As well as being damp, Spring can be rather windy. This can produce debris that ends up in the roads, such as tree branches, broken fences or road signs. In which case, be especially mindful of what’s ahead of you on the road. Sudden, strong gusts of wind are more than capable of moving even a bulky SUV. In which case, be particularly vigilant when on narrow roads or when surrounded by vulnerable road-users, such as cyclists and pedestrians.


Heavy rain can, in places, lead to flooding. For drivers, flooding can particularly hazardous. Even a tiny amount of water can actually raise large vehicles off of the ground. So, if in doubt, try to find another route entirely when a road is covered in water. If you have to proceed with your journey, approach flood water in a low gear whilst slipping the clutch. Once clear, make sure to check your brakes are working properly.


Remember the Sun, and sunlight? It’s coming back. If you’re driving early in the morning and late in the afternoon, like most commuters, you’ll face a low hanging sun; which can, of course, produce a large amount of glare. So, make sure to use your overhead visor and, if necessary, invest in a decent pair of sunglasses. Adjusting your cars mirrors might also make a big difference.

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