Driving Long Distances? Here’s How To Stay Awake…

Driving requires our full attention, so it’s easy to become fatigued at the wheel – especially on long journeys. Here’s how to stay awake…

Take Regular Breaks

No matter how tired or fatigued you feel, you should be taking regular breaks; in fact, it’s a legal requirement for some commercial drivers. Try to take a break every two hours in order to get some fresh air and to stretch your legs.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The best way to stay awake whilst covering a lot of ground is to get a good night’s sleep. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of driving, try to get at least seven hour’s sleep beforehand. This will help you concentrate and keep you alert.

Keep Things Cool

Feeling to warm whilst driving can make you feel sleepy. In which case, try to avoid using your car’s heating if possible. Putting your air conditioning on cool, or lowering a window, might also help you retain your focus; just remember that these aren’t substitutes for sleep and proper breaks.

Plan Your Journey

Planning your journey can help reduce the amount of time you’ll be at the wheel – by optimising routes or avoiding obstructions (like traffic and road works). Your sat nav may have accessible optimisation options – alternatively you can use a variety of tools online or, as in the good old days, use a map.

Grab Some Caffeine 

It’s not an ideal solution, and certainly not something you should entirely rely on, but caffeine is always an option. Whether you prefer a coffee or an energy drink, a balanced approach to caffeine might help you cover longer journeys. Have some to go or pick some up whilst taking a break.

Travel With A Passenger

The issue with long journeys is that they’re often boring – especially if they involve lengthy and monotonous stretches of motorway. Avoiding boredom can keep things fresh. In which case, it makes sense to travel with a passenger if at all possible.

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