Driving Posture: Five Ways You Can Improve

Driving posture is important. If it’s neglected, it can lead to serious back problems. Here’s five ways you can improve yours…

Eyes Level

To prevent straining your body, your eyes should always look out about three inches above your car’s steering wheel. This means that, whilst looking ahead, you can still see all of your car’s controls.

Sit Back

You should sit right into the back of your car’s seat, so you’re pressed completely against the backrest. If you’re not used to sitting in this way, it may feel a little odd at first; you may feel as though you’re a little too far away from your car’s pedals. But from this position you can make sound adjustments, whilst ensuring good posture.

Position your Mirrors

If you find yourself twisting your neck too often whilst driving, it’s likely due to your mirrors being positioned incorrectly. They should always be positioned in such a way that only requires you to turn your head, and not your entire body.

Stretch your Legs

As a general rule, you should avoid having to bend your knees whilst driving. Your legs and feet should be outstretched as much as possible, whilst allowing you to safely access your vehicle’s pedals. If you bend your knees too frequently, you can put too much strain on your knees’ cartilage.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Even if you adjust your seat properly, and maintain a good posture, you’ll still put strain on your body. After all, humans aren’t meant to be sedentary for extended periods of time. In which case, you should always strive to take consistent breaks; especially during longer journeys. Try to take a twenty minute break every two hours or so.

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