Driving Tests Can Be Cancelled If Cars Are Dirty

The DVSA has warned learner drivers that their driving tests can be cancelled if their vehicles are found to be to dirty or unclean…

Dirty Car, Cancelled Tests

Driving tests are, almost universally, regarded as being extremely stressful. So, imagine turning up to yours only to find that its been cancelled because you forgot to pop in at the car wash. The DVSA is warning leaners that examiners can cancel tests if they believe a vehicle is too dirty, unclean or unhygienic. Moreover, under rules introduced during the pandemic, rubbish and debris must be removed from the likes of cup holders, footwells and door pockets.

Learners, or their instructors, also need to wipe down the car’s interior surfaces and controls before a test can go ahead. It’s possible that examiners will carry out their own cleaning routine, too. The DVSA says all of these steps are designed to ensure public safety.

Upcoming Review

You may be wondering how enforceable the rules actually are. Well, as one 17-year-old learner in Blackpool discovered, the answer is ‘very’. Her examiner refused to enter her vehicle, claiming it wasn’t sufficiently clean and her test was cancelled. Given the length of waiting times at the moment, it may be some time before she can attempt it again.

Despite England’s rules now reverting to ‘Plan A’, the DVSA’s rules have remained in place. That said, it has announced that it’ll be reviewing its approach in the future. So, until then, make sure your car is sparkling before attempting the practical driving test.

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