Driving Tests: DVLA Website Crashes Under 150,000 Applications

The DVLA website has crashed following a massive surge in the number of people attempting to book driving tests post-lockdown…

Driving Test Applications Surge

The DVLA’s website has crashed under the weight of thousands of driving test bookings. Currently, only a limited number of slots are being offered; as testing centres recover from lockdown measures. However, there are a whopping 150,000 learner drivers waiting to take the practical test – forming an enormous backlog. Learners who had their tests cancelled at the start of lockdown are being prioritised. Everyone else must compete over a limited number of slots being made available on a staggered basis.

Another batch of the driving tests slots was due to go live on Monday (August 24th), but was held back until Wednesday morning. On Twitter, the DVSA said “following problems with the driving test booking service, it is currently unavailable so we can carry out essential work”. Autocar has reported that, when it attempted to book a test slot, it was number 154,539 in the queue. They warned learner drivers that refreshing the website will cause them to lose their place in the queue.

DVSA Support tweeted: “our customer service centre is still receiving an extremely high number of calls and emails. We’re sorry for the delays in getting through. You will not be able to book a driving test if you call, email or message us on social media.” One cheeky Twitter-user said in response “I hope I don’t crash as much as this website does when I do my test”.

Making The Most Of It

Passing a driving test is a right of passage and, in a society like ours, a means to freedom via the open road. They’re daunting enough without the added stress of not knowing when a slot will be available. Either way, the delays do give some drivers additional time to brush up on their motoring skills; thereby increasing their chances of passing. After all, less than half of all learners (49%) pass the first time around anyway. In addition, drivers aged 18 – 24 are also the most likely to experience accidents. They’re so much more likely to experience them that some campaigners want the government to mandate that learner drivers spend a minimum amount of time on the road before taking their test.

Regardless of how determined a learner may be, driving a fast-moving chunk of metal around is serious business. If the test delays cause learners to gain a bit more experience, that can only be a good thing for everyone.

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