Driving With Confidence: Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Skills

No matter how experienced a driver is, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s a few easy ways you can improve your skills behind the wheel…

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Most drivers, generally, cover the same routes over and over again; whether it’s commuting to work or visiting local shops or facilities. This is only natural, we can’t all be highly itinerant all of the time. That said, most of us will on occasion have to travel to places we’re not familiar with. In light of this, it makes sense to take ourselves out of our comfort zones as motorists – familiarising ourselves with driving in areas that require us to do more than simply rely on memory.

Different Weather Conditions 

It’s entirely possible to learn how to drive in a few months. As a consequence, some learner drivers might never have experienced exposure to certain whether conditions – such as heavy rain, fog or snow. Different weather conditions require different driving styles, and it’s important that all drivers know how to adapt and when. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain situations, such as during heavy rain, it’s probably a sign that you need some practice and / or guidance.

Defensive Driving Styles 

The best drivers are defensive drivers. Defensive driving is, quite simply, a question of constantly assessing road conditions and reacting to them appropriately. You’re not causing problems for other people, you’re preventing them from causing problems for you. It means sticking to speed limits, making lots of checks before making a manoeuvre and refusing to escalate heated situations with other drivers. It takes practice, but the safety benefits are self-evident.

Different Vehicles 

Different vehicles handle is different ways. In which case, it can sometimes be a bit discombobulating when driving a new car for the first time. The bite on the clutch might be in a different place, the engine might be stronger or weaker and so on. Assuming you’re insured to do so, it might make sense to drive a friend’s or relative’s vehicle from time to time; it’ll prevent you from getting to used to your own vehicle; making it easier to adapt when it’s time to get a new one.

Take an Advanced Course 

Most drivers, having passed their practical tests, never looked back; being excited to start their new lives as qualified drivers and to enjoy the sense of freedom that awaits them. However, our education as drivers only really begins once we’ve acquired a full driving licence – when we take to the open road network on our own. Sometimes, it’s advisable to reinforce this education with an advanced driver course. These usually cover more challenging driving situations and in greater detail.

General Maintenance Checks 

Whilst many of us drive on a daily basis, many of us are hopeless when it comes to maintaining our vehicles. Survey after survey suggests that millions of drivers don’t know how to top up their cars’ oil levels, jump start a flat battery or change a tyre. Knowing how to do these things can save a driver a lot of money and a lot of stress; so, if you’re not familiar with them, it may be time to brush up on your knowledge.

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