Driving with Dogs: Here’s How To Do It Safely

As a nation of dog-lovers, we love travelling with or furry companions. However, there’s a few things to bear in mind when driving with dogs…

Driving with Dogs

Up to as many as 47% of British households include a dog which, inevitably, means millions of us are driving with them as passengers. However, there’s evidence that many of us simply don’t understand how to do so safely. For instance, research conducted by Ford suggests that 32% of drivers don’t use crates or harnesses – putting their four-legged companions at significant risk. One in four drivers included in this figure also admitted to letting their dog put their heads out of a window of a moving vehicle.

Securing your dog whilst driving is now, in fact, a legal requirement. Dogs can become nervous or excitable whilst on a car journey. This can cause them to become a significant distraction; if they thrash and move about, they could even prevent a driver from driving safely. Moreover, a road collision means that unsecured dogs can seriously injure themselves and other occupants in the vehicle.

Graeme Hall – known as ‘The Dogfather’, has commented on the need to drive safely with dogs. He said, “if you have a pet, please think of its safety in the same way you would about any other member of the family. I always carry my dog Lily in the boot in her crate. She can comfortably move around and everyone’s safe. I believe that’s the best solution”. 

Don’t Leave Them Unattended! 

Even if your dog is properly secured you should never, under any circumstances, leave them unattended in a vehicle for more than a few minutes at most. Even in relatively mild weather, dogs can overheat quickly. Every single year there are hundreds of cases of dogs being left in cars in warm weather conditions; with some of them dying from excessive heat. Even when weather conditions are cool, leaving them unattended can cause them to become distressed or dehydrated. Some valuable breeds might even be tempting targets for thieves.

It’s also important to ensure that you have regular breaks when driving with a dog in the vehicle. This will allow them to stretch their legs and relieve themselves. You should also ensure that they’re properly hydrated throughout the course of the journey.

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