DVLA Failures Have Put The Lives Of Drivers On Hold

The DVLA is increasingly failing to provide drivers with their licenses on time, effectively putting their lives on hold…

DVLA Failures 

Strike action at the DVLA’s Swansea-based headquarters have caused significant disruptions for the government agency. As a consequence, motorists up and down the country are finding the lives put on hold due to delays in receiving important documents; including driving licenses and passports.

A number of affected drivers, speaking to The Guardian, explained their predicaments. Diane Black-Ware was due to receive her driving license back in January, but is still waiting. As a consequence, she’s having to spend £50 a day in order to reach her job at a rural caravan park. She said, “if DVLA doesn’t send me my licence soon I’m going to have to give up my job as I can’t go on like this. I’m so desperate that I called them 97 times in a single day last week and was still unable to get through. It is inexcusable how DVLA are treating people”.

Meanwhile, Martin Ryan faces the prospect of a home purchase falling through; as he needs his passport, currently with the DVLA, to progress with both his mortgage and his solicitors. He told The Guardian, “I have tried every day for the last three weeks to contact them by phone and only get a message saying ‘try later’ or use the non-existent online chat service. I only needed to change the address on the licence but my passport has effectively been confiscated by DVLA and there’s absolutely nothing I can seemingly do about it. The level of service is appalling”.

Vulnerable Most Affected 

The disruption at the DVLA has gotten so bad that there are now calls for ministers to intervene. Delays at the agency have, in particular, affected vulnerable groups; including people who had their licenses suspended for medical reasons, only to have them reapproved by medical professionals. A number of elderly drivers have simply given up taking to the roads, fearing action from the police if they can’t produce missing documents.

A number of young drivers have also experienced delays in receiving their provisional licenses. This has put their lessons on hold. Even people simply looking to update their addresses have been met with substantial delays. To top all of this off, users have also reported a host of technical problems when attempting to access the agency’s phone and online chat services; often finding that no one responds to them.

Strike action at the DVLA has, thus far, largely been a response to fears around the coronavirus pandemic. Workers have suggested that inadequate protections have been put in place; suggesting that more members of staff should be able to work from home.

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