DVSA Urges Drivers To Get Training Before Towing On The Road

Whilst the Government may have scrapped compulsory training for towing, the DVSA is still urging drivers to take it…

Training for Towing

Last year, the Government decided to scrap compulsory training for towing on public roads. The decision was largely made in order to free up capacity for HGV driving tests. It was a move that received much criticism from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA), road safety charities and motoring organisations. As it stands, anyone will a full driving licence may now legally tow a trailer weighing up to 3,500kgs; which covers the likes of horse trailers and large caravans.

An unintended consequence of the change was that businesses with staff that need to tow for their work lost anyway of complying with HSE obligations. In response, the DVSA created a new training scheme using accredited instructors. It’s granted the authority to train drivers to the National Register of LGV Instructors, Safe Towing Scheme and Skills for Logistics. The organisation is now urging everyone who intends to tow to take the voluntary training.

Keeping Safe

Anyone who needs, or wants, formal accreditation in terms of towing must now approach one of the three designated training providers. Drivers simply looking for training in of itself, however, may consider using a broader range of options. For instance, whilst caravan clubs can’t grant accreditation many can still show drivers how to tow a caravan or trailer safely.

Mark Winn, the DVSA’s Chief Driving Examiner, has made it clear that anyone who intends to tow should still receive training; regardless of the change of law. He said, “we’d encourage anyone who plans to tow something, whether it’s a caravan on holiday, or a trailer to the tip, to get training from an accredited provider. They will be able to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to keep everyone on Britain’s roads safe”.

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