Electric Car Range: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Battery

Most EVs have a good amount of range, but there are a few simple ways to maximise how much you can get out of a charge…

Plan your Routes

A good way of maximising your EV’s range is to plan your routes in advance. Factor in things like mileage, road conditions and weather conditions. Always go for the less demanding route.

Look after your Battery

A well-maintained battery will charge faster and hold on to energy more economically. Ideally, always keep your battery charged between 20 – 80% if you want it to last for as long as possible.

Think about your Speed

The faster you drive in your EV, the faster it’ll burn through its charge. To maximise your overall range, try to stick to steady and appropriate speeds.

Drive Smoothly 

Just as driving harshly burns through petrol or diesel, it also burns through electricity. Avoid things like harsh acceleration and late braking if you want to go the distance.

Exploit Regenerative Braking 

All EVs have regenerative braking systems, transferring energy from the brakes back into the battery. Make sure to keep your car’s maximum regenerative setting switched on in order to send extra power back to the battery when you decelerate.

Keep things Light

The heavier your EV is, the harder the battery will have to work in order to move. In which case, it makes sense to keep things as light as possible. Don’t use your vehicle for storage unless you absolutely have to.

Go Easy on the Tech 

Using your EV’s heating and air-conditioning systems will place strain on the battery and use up its charge. The same goes for sat navs, dash cams or heaters. If you want to maximise your range, go light on the tech.

Stay Aerodynamic 

The more aerodynamic your EV is, the slower it’ll burn through its charge. Bearing this in mind, remove bike racks and roof boxes when they’re not in use. It also makes sense to keep your windows raised when travelling at speed, such as on a motorway.

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