Electric Cars Pose ‘Danger’ To The Blind, Say Charities

Various charities have claimed that electric vehicles pose a danger to the blind and visually impaired. As a result, they want them made louder…

EVs Pose Danger To The Blind 

A number of charities have claimed that EVs and hybrid vehicles pose a danger to blind and visually impaired people. This is because the vehicles are, traditionally, much quieter than traditional ICE vehicles; making it harder for the visually impaired to notice them.

Since July, a noise-emitting device has been made mandatory for all electric vehicles. However, charities have pointed out that these can simply be turned off by drivers. Some EVs have a system installed that causes them to emit louder sounds when driving below 12mph or whilst reversing. Older models, however, lack the system altogether.

According to the Department for Transport, manufacturers will be prevented from installing a pause switch for the acoustic systems by September 2023. For some charities, however, this isn’t soon enough.

‘Really Concerned’ 

RNIB Cymru, a sight-loss charity in Wales, is concerned about the government’s proposed timeframe. Director Ansley Workman said, “we’re really concerned it’s going to take another two years to put that commitment in place because during that time people with sight loss are in danger… we know of many incidents of people who have walked out into the road and been hit by oncoming cars because they can’t see them”.

In a statement, the Department for Transport said that regulations were being changed to “prevent manufacturers from installing a pause switch that allows drivers to temporarily turn the system off”. It continued, “all new electric and hybrid electric vehicles being registered from 1 September 2023 must comply with this requirement”.

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