Electric Cars: The Bad Reasons Not To Get One

Some people have valid reasons for discounting electric cars, but many criticisms are based on misconceptions. Here are some of the most prevalent…

‘Not Enough Range’

One of the most common criticisms of electric cars concerns so-called ‘range-anxiety’. Quite simply, this is the fear that an electric vehicle will run out of charge before reaching its destination (or charging infrastructure) leaving the driver stranded.

Most British drivers, on average, cover around 30 mph a day (usually whilst commuting). Most EVs, however, now comfortably cover around 200 miles on a single charge. Business drivers can consider a variety of models that can exceed 300 miles, too. And whilst the nation’s charging infrastructure is far from perfect, it’s easy for anyone frequenting towns, cities or motorways to access. You’re about as likely to get stranded in an EV as you in a petrol or diesel due to a lack of fuel i.e. not likely at all.

‘Batteries Need Replacing’

One of the reasons electric cars still haven’t reached price parity with their ICE equivalents is due to the cost of battery technology. It’s coming down, but batteries are still pricey. For this reason, some people are concerned that they’ll need to continually replace an EV’s battery and therefore fork out large sums of money. This isn’t the case. Most batteries will last for at least eight years (the equivalent of 100,000 miles driven). However, this is probably a very conservative estimate, with many batteries lasting in excess of a decade.

Battery technology is also improving all of the time, not only holding more charge but also lasting for longer periods of time.

‘Bad for the Environment’ 

We’ll be the first to admit that no car is truly ‘zero-emission’. Even EVs have an environmental impact through the use of natural resources, the manufacturing process and via things such as their tyres and brake systems. The real question is ‘are they better than petrol, diesel or hybrid models? The scientific consensus, as it stands, is a resounding ‘yes’.

If you’re car dependent, your best option is always going to be an electric vehicle.

‘Too Long to Charge’

Some people are concerned that it takes too long to charge an EV, whereas it only takes a few minutes to refuel an ICE vehicle. It’s important to note that most EV drivers charge their vehicles at home, whilst they’re not in use; in a similar fashion to how most of us keep our mobile phones charged.

In general, most EVs can charge up to 200 miles in as little as 20 minutes. In other words, if you were in a rush, you could probably charge to a suitable level in between five and ten minutes; assuming you hadn’t charged up at home. Certainly, by the time you’d used the toilets and had a bite to eat at a motorway services, you’d be good to go.

‘Not as Fun to Drive’ 

Some drivers suggest that EVs simply aren’t as ‘fun’ to drive as diesels and petrols. This is because they all use automatic transmission and don’t produce the feedback noises found in internal combustion engines. It’s important to note that most drivers probably aren’t interested in these factors, indeed many EV drivers welcome how quiet driving them is.

If you do enjoy driving ‘feedback’, it’s worth noting that EVs benefit from near instant torque, meaning that they’re not only powerful but can go from being idle to a high speed at a faster rate than other vehicles. Because near-silent vehicles are a safety issue for other road-users, many are now also fitted with noises at lower speeds; some performance models also produce sounds similar to those found in ICE models.

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