EV Battery Lifespans: Four Ways To Increase Them

The rate at which an EV’s battery declines is largely based on how it’s used. Here’s four ways to extend your battery’s lifespan…

Don’t Charge To 100%

We’ve all seemingly got a natural inclination to charge our electric devices to their maximum capacity. And it’s not difficult to understand why – charging is an inconvenience, and we’d like to avoid it as much as possible. Electric cars are no different. But, when it comes to their batteries, charging to 100% will undoubtedly reduce their lifespans.

This is because you’re effectively using every available part of the battery to store energy. Doing this repeatedly, effectively, increases the rate of wear and tear. Most car manufacturers claim that the optimal amount of charge is between 20 – 80%.

Try Not To Fast Charge Your Battery

Fast chargers can be extremely useful when you’re pressed for time. However, when you’re not in a hurry, try to avoid them. They essentially cram large amounts of energy into your battery, and at rapid speeds. This leads to strained parts and components, which causes the rate of degradation to increase.

When you’re not in a hurry, try to use regular chargers.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

EV batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Automated temperature control systems naturally place strain on a battery; and, as they’re largely designed to work whilst you’re on the move, the strain can be greater when your vehicle is parked. EV batteries are particularly vulnerable when parked in high temperatures whilst unplugged.

Try to park your EV in the shade during warmer temperatures. When it’s extremely cold, consider whether driving’s your best option.

Long Storage Considerations 

If you’re planning on storing your EV for a long period of time (or simply won’t be driving it) there are some things to consider. First of all, the battery shouldn’t be empty or fully charged. If it’s completely empty, the battery can effectively wither. If it’s left fully charged, the strain can cause degradation.

Consider investing in a timed charger. Most of these can now be set to reach a specific level of charge. Something between the 20 – 80% mark, again, is probably ideal.

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