EV Drivers Have Been Advised To Unplug During The Lockdown

Experts have advised EV drivers to unplug their cars during the national lockdown in order to avoid damaging their batteries…

Unplug During Lockdown

Owners of electric cars have been advised to unplug their vehicles whilst the nation is in lockdown. Leasing company Arval has warned motorists that leaving an EV permanently on charge can damage its battery; which can lead to eye-watering repair costs. David Watts, a consultant with the company, has suggested that it’s best to keep the zero-emission vehicles topped to around 80% of their battery’s capacity. That’s assuming 100% isn’t required for a given journey. He said that charging electric vehicles to 80% will “reduce battery degradation and maintain its efficiency over time”. Whilst experienced owners are aware of the risks of fully charging their cars, many new adopters are making mistakes. “Experienced EV users may know this already, but in recent months, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of electric car drivers. Many people may not be aware of the risk”.

Watts said that, in ideal circumstances, charging should only take place below the 50% mark. He added that drivers should also try to avoid going below a 20% charge; something that needs to be considered when a driver decides to unplug. He said, “all EVs will experience a degree of battery charge loss or self-discharge over time, due to power drain from electronics within the vehicle”. This, Watts claims, is usually around 2% a month. He added, “the level depends on the car or van, and the mode in which it has been left – such as standby or shutdown”.

A Lot Of Newcomers

The sudden influx of new EV drivers is largely a product of new Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax rates. These are taxes on company cars and, as of now, sit at 0% for drivers who opt for fully-electric models. As a consequence, they’re now more attractive for company drivers than they’ve ever been before. They can now get their hands on some of the most advanced cars on the market and pay no tax on them for a number of years.

New car registration figures for march show that EVs took 5% of the market share; demonstrating that they’re now, whilst still relatively niche, moving towards mainstream figures. Given that the government wants to ban the sale of new diesel, petrol and hybrid models by 2040, this is good news. In the meantime, early-adopters need to remember to maintain their EV batteries carefully and to unplug over the course of the lockdown.

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