Everything You Need To Know About Personalised Number Plates

Cars aren’t just a method of transport, they’re often a statement and a reflection of our personalities. For some motorists, personalised number plates are must. Here’s what you need to know…

They Make Good Christmas Gifts

Say what you like about personalised number plates, they appear to make good Christmas gifts. In 2018, 600 people bought them between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Just make sure to go for something your friends and family are bound to like!

They Can Be Very Expensive

The price of a personalised number plate can vary wildly, with prices starting at around £250. But some reach eye-watering amounts. The most expensive was for ’25 O’ which cost £400,000. Other astronomical prices include £285,000 for ‘1 D’ and £201,000 for ’51 NGH’. More money than sense or simply passion for motoring? You decide.

Some Combinations Are Banned

We live in rather liberal and open-minded times, but this doesn’t mean you can choose just anything for your personalised reg. Some letter and number combinations are banned for being too rude or offensive. These include the likes of ‘BR18 ERY’, ‘JE55 US’ and ‘FA** RTY’. Sorry to disappoint.

British Drivers Are Fond Of Them

British drivers are attached to their cars, with some 28% of us going as far to name them. Of these, 87% have taken the step of getting a personalised number plate to match their vehicle’s name. Whether this is endearing, or mildly worrying, we again leave to the reader.

The DVLA Makes A Killing

For the DVLA, personalised registrations are a significant source of income. It sold a whopping 32,000 of them between the 1st and 25th of December in 2018 alone. Their popularity shows no sign of abating. So, if you have a combination in mind, you’d better act fast.

EV Drivers May Get Green Plates 

Some countries have begun issuing green number plates to drivers of electric cars. Why? To increase awareness of the vehicles and to reward early-adopters. In Norway, for instance, EV drivers can drive in bus lanes and dodge tariffs. Now, in the UK, politicians are weighing up the pros and cons. Would you appreciate one?

We Like Our Own Names

Whilst many of us don’t bother with personalised number plates, a significant amount of us have clearly considered it. In fact, 3 out of 4 British drivers have said that, if they purchased one, it’d be a variation of their own name.

…Especially Sam, Dan and Tom

The Sams, Dans and Toms of the nation are the most likely to purchase, or at least receive, a personalised plate. How do we know? They’re the most searched for terms on the DVLA site.

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