Five Driving Mistakes Even Experienced Motorists Make

No driver is perfect, no matter how experienced they are. Here are ten driving mistakes even veteran motorists make…

Amber Gambling 

No one wants to be stuck at a red light. However, so-called ‘amber gambling’ (or even outright running a red light) is never a good idea. First of all, it’s a driving offence with serious consequences if you’re caught doing it. But it’s also a major safety risk. No matter how impatient you feel, or how experienced you are, don’t take any chances at traffic lights.

Country Road Antics 

Believe it or not, the nation’s picturesque country roads are statistically the most dangerous; far more than, say, motorways or A-roads. And it’s not difficult to see why. They’re often windy and narrow, and reduced traffic volumes can lead to some drivers feeling overly confident. Which is why it’s crucial that we remain vigilant, no matter how quaint the scenery is.

Ignoring Weather Conditions

The UK’s whether is, generally, pretty mild – if somewhat unpredictable. It’s likely because of this so British drivers can easily find themselves caught out when more extreme weather hits. We have a habit of ignoring warnings and not preparing ourselves or our vehicles. Ultimately, we should keep weather conditions in mind and prepare appropriately – even cancelling journeys when necessary.

Infotainment Distractions 

Whilst it’s now completely illegal to handle a mobile phone from behind the wheel, it’s perfectly fine to fiddle with your car’s infotainment system to your heart’s content. Sure, you may be penalised should you end up having an accident, but in of itself it’s perfectly legal. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should do it. Taking your eyes off of the road even for a few seconds can have devastating consequences.

Try to set up your music playlists or put on your favourite radio station before setting off on your journey.

Getting too Comfortable 

Most drivers get used to driving in the same areas, in the same conditions. Experienced drivers can easily become too comfortable over time, meaning they’re not as alert or focused as they perhaps should be. Which is why it’s important to try to vary things up from time to time, to encounter new road conditions and to navigate new routes.

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