Five Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Car This Winter

Winter weather can affect a car’s parts and components, with some faults being more common than others. Here’s what to watch out for…

Battery Woes

Should your car fail to start during the winter, it’s likely that there’s a fault with its battery. Winter weather places a lot of strain on car batteries – especially as drivers often have their heating systems on full blast. Before racing to a garage, try turning off your vehicle’s electrics and compressing the clutch when turning on the ignition.

Stuck Doors and Windows

In freezing temperatures, your car’s doors and windows can become completely frozen; making it impossible to open them. If you can get into the vehicle, simply put the heating system on and wait for the ice to thaw. Otherwise, you can use a de-icer to quickly get access again.

Frozen Car Fluids

If the fluids in your car’s engine system freeze, you could wind up facing an absolutely eye-watering repair bill. If your car’s particularly old, it might even be a write-off. So, make sure that you have screen wash and antifreeze, and the correct mix.

Tyre Pressures 

Your car’s tyres will lose air pressure in cooler temperatures. If they’re already low, you could end up with too little. You should check your tyres regularly, but it’s even more important that you do so during the winter. Try to inspect them once a fortnight.

Windscreen Wipers 

Frozen windscreen wipers aren’t much use to anyone. Remove debris and ice from around yours before using them. You can also consider getting a windscreen shield to protect them from the elements; preventing them from freezing overnight.

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