Five Tips To Regain Your Driving Confidence After Lockdown

For millions of Brits, lockdown has meant going for a longer period without driving than ever before. As a result, the confidence of some motorists has taken a hit. Here’s a few tips for regaining confidence on the roads…

Plan Your Journeys

Knowing the ins and outs of the routes you’ll be taking for a journey can make you much more comfortable whilst driving. Familiarise yourself with the roads and landmarks and consider going on a trial run at a quiet time of day. A cursory look at the likes of Google Maps can put everything into perspective and offer you insights into the types of roads and road features you’ll be encountering.

Know Your Car

A good way to boost your confidence whilst driving is simply by knowing the ins and outs of your vehicle. You should know how to turn the different lights on, how much bite the clutch needs and how the spare tyre is accessed. You’ll most likely be spending many hours in your car, so make sure to get comfortable with it and its particularities.

Follow The Highway Code

This may sound obvious, but many drivers simply begin to casually ignore at least some of the laws of the road over the course of their ‘careers’; whether it’s running red lights, speeding or pulling out erratically at roundabouts. The Highway Code has evolved to meet the needs of the nation’s roads and motoring habits. Obeying it will keep you safe and comfortable. Conversely, disobeying it puts you and others at risk.

Don’t Give In To Pressure

Nervous drivers can stand out like a sore thumb on the roads and aggressive and irresponsible drivers are often eager to exploit them. Whether it’s tailgating or abusive behaviour, they’re often able to intimidate new and nervous drivers. It’s important to remember that the absolute worst thing you can do in a situation like this is to start adjusting your behaviour in a negative way. No matter how impatient the driver behind you may be, it’s important you stick to speed limits. No matter how frustrated you become, never respond in a hostile manner; this could escalate the situation. Simply relax, retain control of your vehicle and get out of their way when it’s safe to do so.

Remember To Enjoy Yourself

This is arguably the most important step in becoming a confident driver; learning to enjoy driving again. To some people its a joy in of itself, to others it’s a necessary evil. But one thing is clear, if you enjoy something you’ll probably naturally feel more confident whilst doing it. Sure, not everyone can will themselves into becoming a petrol head, but it is possible to get more out of the experience. Think about the freedom your car offers you, take road trips to fun and beautiful places and take things as they come. Remember everything about driving that you miss since we went into lockdown.

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