Five Tips To Remember When De-Icing Your Car

It’s winter once again, and millions of us will be routinely waking up to find our cars frozen over. Here’s five tips to remember when de-icing…

Don’t Use Boiling Water

De-icing a car can be laborious and time-consuming. When you’re in a hurry to commute to work, it can be tempting to cut corners. Lots of drivers use boiling water and simply pour it over their vehicles. However, this comes with the risk of cracking (perhaps even shattering) a windscreen and other surfaces. It’s just not worth it.

Stay with your Vehicle

Every winter, police forces throughout the country receive a surge of reports of vehicles being stolen. This isn’t simply due to thieves been more active, thanks to the cover of darkness. It’s largely a product of drivers leaving their cars unattended, engine running, as they defrost. Opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout for this and can act in seconds. Stay with your vehicle, no matter how cold it is.

Windscreen Covers Save Time

One of the best ways to deal with the prospect of a frozen vehicle is simply to stop it from freezing over in the first place. Windscreen covers, generally relatively cheap, simply fit over your windscreen and are left overnight. They prevent ice from building up, meaning no hard work in the morning.

De-icing Spray and Scrapers

When it comes to the de-icing process, don’t cut corners. As well as avoiding boiling water, don’t feel tempted to use something like a credit card to break up the ice – using makeshift tools is a sure way of scratching your car’s surfaces. Get your hands on some proper de-icing spray and a dedicated ice scraper.

Ignore ‘Hacks’ 

Every winter, the press and Internet is ablaze with ‘hacks’ which, it’s claimed, offer quick and easy ways of de-icing your vehicle. They can involve everything from wiping hot water in a plastic bag across your car’s surfaces, to parking at a certain angle. Some might work, others might just waste your time and damage your car. Most are simply needlessly elaborate and complicated.

Stick with the right tools and approach – you’ll avoid damaging your car and the prospect of getting fined for not properly clearing your windscreen.

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