Five Ways You Can Adapt To Driving In The Winter

Driving during the winter comes with its own challenges, and effectively adapting our behaviour behind the wheel is crucial…


Winter comes with darker mornings and darker nights, making visibility a more pressing issue for drivers. It’s crucial that you can properly see your surroundings whilst behind the wheel. Equally, it’s crucial that other road-users can see your vehicle.

Get into the habit of putting your lights on before starting your journey, and using your dipped head beams when you need them. Failure to ensure proper visibility can see drivers issued with £1,000 fines.

Car Checks

Drivers should regularly conduct basic car checks, regardless of the season. However, they’re even more important during winter weather conditions. Tyres should be checked for proper air pressures and sufficient tread depths. Lights should be tested for adequate brightness. Fluids should be topped up. Your car will be facing tougher conditions than usual, so ask yourself ‘is it up to the job?’


Speed limits should always be obeyed but, as a general rule, we should all be driving at reduced speeds during the winter. Due to increased chances of rain, ice and snow, stopping distances can be dramatically increased. There’s also a greater skid risk. Get into the habit of taking things at a gentler pace.

What to Pack

There are a number of things that you should keep in your vehicle during the winter months. A shovel will useful should your vehicle get stuck. A high-visibility jacket should also be stored, and worn, should need you need to exit your vehicle at the roadside. Blankets, water and food will also go a long way should you find yourself stranded and without heating. Finally, a first aid kit could prove invaluable following an accident or a slip on an icy path.

A Necessary Drive? 

There are likely going to be times when driving during the colder months simply doesn’t make sense. Sometimes the roads are too icy and the snow is too thick. In which case, a journey might simply not be worth the risk. Perhaps a social gathering can be rearranged, or a meeting conducted remotely. Always consider whether it’s safe to travel, whether you’ve made preparations or not.

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