Five Ways You’re Wasting Money On Your Car

Owning and running a car is expensive business nowadays. But many of us, unfortunately, waste money on them in all sorts of ways. Here’s how…

Premium Fuel

An excellent way of wasting money on your car is by purchasing ‘premium’ fuel. It’s an option at many a petrol station, and it usually promises better fuel economy and even a cleaning effect on your vehicle’s engine. The reality is that there’s no evidence that standard vehicles (the sort the vast majority of us drive) experience any benefits. Supercars and hyper cars might, but if you have one of these you’re probably not worried about wasting money anyway.

Wrong Car Insurance

Millions of people waste money on their car insurance every year. Historically, they were charged a ‘loyalty tax’ for sticking with the same provider. Fortunately, this practice has been banned. Nevertheless, there’s still every reason to shop around; you’re bound to find a better quote. You should only ever pay for a policy that you actually need, too. Think about how often you drive and where.


Ok, you might not consider car modifications as waste of money if you’re really into them. But they will have a noticeable impact on your car insurance premium. They’re not, after all, a standard feature of you car and can represent a liability for your insurer. They also, rightly or wrongly, tend to associate them with less risk-averse drivers.

Harsh Driving Styles

If you’re harshly accelerating, braking late and speeding, you’ll inevitably find yourself wasting money. Why? Because you’ll be needlessly burning through fuel and exposing your car’s parts and components to excessive amounts of wear and tear. Keep things smooth if you want to be kind towards your finances.

Using the Car Wash

Many drivers like to keep their cars sparkling and clean. In which case, a car wash might seem like a sensible investment. It’s quick and, usually, effective. However, in the long-term it can be a costly luxury. It’s fairly straightforward to clean our own cars and to high standard; with the advantage being that we don’t have to pay for anything other than a sponge and some cleaning fluids.

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