Flat Car Batteries ‘More Likely Than Ever’ At Start Of 2021

The RAC is warning motorists to check their car batteries, suggesting that they’re more at risk of being flat at the start of 2021 than ever before…

Flat Car Batteries 

Car batteries tend to go flat in cold weather, especially in sub-zero temperatures. They’re especially likely to fail at the start of the year, after the Christmas holidays. Motorists tend to stay at home and leave their vehicles unused for days or weeks. However, the coronavirus pandemic means that our vehicles were used less frequently than ever before in 2020. Restrictions on the size of festive gatherings also meant fewer Christmas-related road trips. As a result, the RAC is urging drivers to check the state of their car batteries.

Back on January 2nd, 2020, the RAC faced 25% more callouts for flat batteries than on a typical day in the month; as drivers frantically tried to start their cars in order to commute to work. According to the organisation’s own research, 58% of flat car batteries were due to a lack of use. For Ben Aldous, RAC’s patrol of the year, regularly using a car is the best way of keeping its battery charged. He explained that a “proper drive” rather than just “starting a car up for a minute or two and then stopping it again” is the best way to keep it working.

How To Keep Your Battery In Working Order

1) If your car’s battery is in excess of four year’s old, you should visit a garage to get it checked. It might also be time to consider getting a new one altogether.

2) If your household has multiple vehicles, use the oldest ones more frequently; they’ll need for more frequent trips to keep the battery in working order.

3) Never make the mistake of quickly turning a car on and off to check the battery is working. All this will do is cause the battery to drain further.

4) If vital journeys are coming up, like going to work or making a medical appointment, take your car for a lengthy spin in advance. A journey that takes around twenty minutes or more should provide the battery with an appropriate level of charge.

5) When your car is parked up and not in use, turn off and disconnect anything that could drain the battery. Obvious priorities should include sat navs, dash cams and car lights (interior and exterior).

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