Ford Believes It Can Save You £300 On Your Car Insurance

By partnering with a pay-per-mile car insurance company, Ford believes it can save drivers £300 a year on their premiums…

Save Money With Ford? 

Ford has entered a partnership with By Miles, a pay-per-mile car insurance provider. Unlike many of tis competitors, it bases a motorist’s premium on how many miles they actually cover; rather than on annual projections. In Ford’s case, the data is acquired via in-built FordPass Connect modems.

The American automaker, referring to research conducted by Finder (a reviews website), suggested that By Miles customers could save £297 on their car insurance each year on average.

Adapting to Change 

Mark Harvey, director of enterprise connectivity at Ford of Europe, has commented on the changing ways in which we drive and travel. He said, “the way we travel has undergone a huge shift that could well have a long-lasting impact. We want to champion the changing needs of drivers who continue to work from home”. He added, “working with By Miles, we aim to use connected vehicle data to help deliver a full suite of innovative new products and services for our customers”.

James Blackham, CEO and founder of By Miles, suggested pay-per-mile addressed the changing needs of drivers. He explained, “the way insurance used to work may not work for everybody. Whatever the new normal looks like, it’s clear that drivers’ needs are changing quickly – and people want fairer, more flexible cover that reflects that.”. He concluded, “we’re delighted that our pay-by-mile collaboration with Ford will offer drivers a seamless, connected alternative to traditional car insurance”.

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