Fraudsters Are Offering Driving Licences Online For £600

Fraudsters are offering fake driving licences online for £600, prompting warnings from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency…

Fraudsters Offer Fake Driving Licenses

Online fraudsters claiming to work for the DVLA are offering driving licences online for £600. A BBC investigation discovered that they claim to have inside access to driving test centres; allowing them to book, and pass, practical tests without them ever being taken. The DVLA, however, says that it’s impossible to do so and the claims are entirely false. As it stands, it’s illegal to drive without a driving licence. Offenders face a fine of £1,000 and six penalty points on their provisional licenses.

The online scammers claim that they can provide their customers with a test certificate and a plastic driving licence card. They also provide their victims with screenshots of what appears to be their updated driving status on the DVLA ‘view your license’ website. This shows that the victim’s driving status is “full driving licence”.

Fake Mock-Ups 

The BBC, as a part of its investigation, discovered that the online images are fake mock-ups. In addition, the licences aren’t officially registered on the DVLA’s database. The DVLA explained, “only DVLA can issue a driving licence. We can confirm that the examples seen are not genuine”. Most of the fraudsters advertise their offers on Instagram, but generally prefer to liaise with their victims via WhatsApp. They’ll then request a person’s personal details, including date of birth, address and even a personal photograph. A scammer contacted by the BBC claimed that he could issue driving licences in “five to seven days”.

However, victims are unlikely to ever get their money back once they’ve parted with it. In a statement, the DLVA stressed the importance of the practical driving test. It said, “the driving test is there to make sure all drivers have the skills and knowledge to use the roads safely and responsibly; trying to circumvent it is illegal and a serious danger to road users”. In other words, if you want a driving license, take (and pass) the practical driving test like everyone else.

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