Fuel Additives: What Are They And Do They Actually Work?

According to the people who produce them, fuel additives will deliver a better economy and improve your car’s performance. Are they telling porkies, or do they really work?

What Are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are liquids suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles that can, allegedly, improve a vehicle’s performance and economy. They cost as little as £5 per bottle and simply need to be poured into a tank. Depending on the brand, they claim to clean injectors and intake valves, remove excess water from fuel systems and maintain carburettors. It’s also sometimes claimed that fuel additives can reduce a car’s overall emissions; useful at a time when the world faces a mounting climate crisis.

In short, then, additives are simple to use, affordable and (supposedly) entail a range of benefits for drivers – regardless of whether they use a diesel or petrol car.

But Do They Actually Work? 

This really depends on the particular fuel additive you’re using and what you’re using it for. For instance, you can use additives to keep diesel fuel from congealing in freezing temperatures. They’ll work a treat, doing exactly what they say on the labels. However, if you’re considering additives in order to improve your car’s fuel economy, don’t bother. Any gains you make will be cancelled out by the price of the actual additive you’re using.

Research has also cast doubt on the ability of additives to improve a car’s engine performance at all. In fact, a study conducted by Which? revealed that some actually increase the price of a petrol refill by a staggering 50%! There’s also no evidence that additives improve a car’s octane rating; with the majority failing to reach the standard of premium petrol.

Ultimately, fuel additives makes promises they simply can’t deliver on. The best way to get top performance and an impressive fuel economy out of your car is to properly maintain it. Sure, investing in a decent model is probably your best bet. But even a relatively cheap car can be made to run like clockwork with a bit of TLC. In other words, a trip to a reputable garage is always going to be a better option than practically any alternative.

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