Fuel Costs Have Risen By 20p Per Litre Since 2020 Alone

New data, compiled by RAC Fuel Watch, has revealed how fuel costs have dramatically increased over the last year…

Fuel Costs Soar

Fresh data, analysed by RAC Fuel Watch, has revealed how fuel costs in the UK have soared over the last year alone. Drivers are now paying, on average, 20p more per litre than they were in 2020. As of now, it costs an average of £74.26 to fill a 55-litre family car with petrol. For diesels, the average cost sits at £75.16. Notably, this comes at a time when an increasing number of Brits are opting to go on ‘staycations’ which, naturally, often involve significant journeys by car.

It’s not all bad news, however, as prices now appear to have stabilised. After nine months of consistent increases, prices finally stabilised in August. That said, there are still regional discrepancies. For instance, it’s much cheaper to refuel in the likes of Northern Ireland and the North East. Conversely, it’s most expensive in London and the South East. As is to be expected, the biggest savings can be made at supermarket petrol stations; with prices sitting at an average of 132.09p per litre for petrol and 133.91p per litre for diesel.

Minimal Impact from E10

Rod Dennis, a spokesman for the RAC, commented on the situation. He said, “while an end to rising prices is to be welcomed, it remains the case that there’s little immediate sign that pump prices are actually going to come down”. He added, “key to what happens next is how the oil price changes. In the last few days, we’ve actually seen it increase once again after OPEC+, which represents many of the largest oil producing nations, decided to stick with its current plan to increase output only very slightly in the coming weeks”.

Dennis concluded, “what isn’t in dispute is just how much more expensive this second ‘staycation’ summer has been for drivers compared to 2020. With so many of us covering long distances this year, the effect of paying around 20p more per litre for petrol and diesel is likely to have been widely felt”.

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