Fuel Efficiency Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

When it comes to fuel efficiency, there are a number of widespread myths. Here are some of the most common…

Smaller Cars are More Efficient

Traditionally, smaller cars have better fuel efficiency than larger ones. Why? Because they were, generally, lighter and more aerodynamic. The situation is a bit more complex nowadays. What really counts in the technology used by the manufacturer. For instance, both a SEAT Ateca 1.6 and a Kia Rio 1L both manage 50mpg.

Engine Idling is better than Switching it Off

According to most experts, it’s always better to switch your engine off entirely if you’re going to be sat idle for ten seconds or more. If you’re actually parked somewhere, you should never idle – it’s a disaster for air quality, just a few minutes will waste fuel and you’re increasingly likely to get fined.

Premium Fuel is the Better Option

Most fuel forecourts will offer a premium petrol option and you may feel tempted to give it a try. After all, many people claim that it’ll not only offer better mpg but will also help maintain your car’s parts and components! Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Only high-performance vehicles are likely to benefit from the additional octane, with most vehicles not benefitting at all.

You Should Warm the Car up Before Driving

Most modern vehicles use controlled fuel injectors, meaning you don’t need to warm your car up before setting off on your journey. Fuel efficiency will be better achieved by letting your engine warm up as you drive.

Air-Conditioning is Better than Leaving the Windows Down

This is really a question of driving conditions. When you’re driving at higher speeds, such as on a motorway, air conditioning is probably the better option. But on slower roads, such as in towns and cities, it probably makes more sense to simply lower your car’s windows; there will be little air drag.

20 Miles when the Fuel Light comes on 

A significant amount of drivers think that, once their fuel lights come on, they’ve got up to 20 miles left before they come to a stop. This isn’t true. Indeed, most contemporary models will probably be able to cover up to around 60 – 70 miles. After all, what’s the point in a warning light if it comes too late?

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