Fully Vaccinated Drivers Can Visit ‘Amber’ Countries Without Quarantine

If you’re fully vaccinated, you’re now able to travel to ‘amber’ countries without having to face quarantine upon your return…

Fully Vaccinated Need Not Quarantine 

Good news for fully vaccinated drivers, you can now travel to ‘amber’ list countries without having to enter quarantine upon your return. According to the Department for Transport, the change will come into effect on July 19th. Naturally, it only applies to UK residents who’ve received both of of their jabs and possess a vaccination letter. Unfortunately, Brits living abroad won’t be able to prove their status and will therefore miss out.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, has stressed that people will still need to pay for tests prior to, and after, their trips. When visiting amber countries, drivers will need to take a pre-departure test three days before returning; and a PCR test on or before day two. They won’t need a day eight test though.

The Same ‘In Essence’ 

Commenting on the changes, Shapps said “in essence this means that for fully vaccinated travellers the requirements for green and amber list countries are the same”. Under the new rules, drivers will probably be able to visit the likes of Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium without facing restrictions. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that any of these countries could introduce their own measures based on their own circumstances. Shapps warned that an amber list country could still turn red”. Red countries necessitate quarantines.

As of now, there are 3o countries on the UK’s ‘green’ list. There are also 50 countries on the ‘red’ list. The next review of these is scheduled for July 15th. Hopefully, the former will continue to grow and the pandemic (hopefully) slows down.

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