Getting An EV? Here’s How To Prepare For The Change

With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due to be banned in 2030, EVs are the future. But there’s a few things to consider before making the transition…

Think About the Numbers

Electric cars are, as of now, nearly always more expensive at the point of purchase than petrols, diesels and hybrids. Prices are coming down, but it’ll be a few years more until true parity is reached. That said, there are substantial, long-term savings to be made in terms of fuel and maintenance; naturally, EVs dispense with the former and are more cheaper in regards to the latter.

Figuring out precisely what sort of savings EVs can provide you with will help rationalise the decision and maximise the benefits you can reap.

Assess Your Options 

EVs come in all shapes and sizes, just like ‘regular’ vehicles. So, you should think as critically about your options as you would purchasing any other vehicle. Think about your actual driving needs. A Tesla Model Y could be tantalising, but do you really need an SUV? And don’t focus entirely on range. The typical Brit covers no more than 20 miles a day when on the road network; so, opting for an enormous range may be redundant and a needless source of expense.

Take a Test Drive

Driving an EV is a different experience to driving anything with a combustion engine. For a start, they’re much quieter and, essentially, provide instant torque. Regenerative braking systems mean that EVs typically lose speed quite quickly when you ease off of the accelerator, too. All of this takes some getting used to, so it’s important you choose a model that’s as comfortable as possible.

Get a Home Charger

Unfortunately, people without off-road parking are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to EVs. They’re essentially forced to rely entirely upon the public charging network; meaning that they face higher rates when it comes to charging and less consistent access at that. Things are much, much easier for drivers who are able to grab a home charger. Find a good installation company and get the best price that you can.

Familiarise Yourself with the Network

Whether you’ll be getting a home charger or not, it’s likely that you’ll be using public chargers at some point after getting an EV. Unfortunately, the UK’s charging network is something of a confusing mess. A lack of regulation and standardisation mean that providers use a variety of different apps and payment methods. Moreover, some regions of the country have significantly better infrastructure than others. Things are improving, but you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the network as soon as possible.

Be as Green as Possible 

No car is truly ‘zero-emission’, but EVs (especially smaller ones) have a smaller environmental impact. How big their impact is, however, is largely dependent on how the electricity they use is generated. Unfortunately, a lot of it is bound to stem from fossil fuels. So, if you’re getting an EV to do your bit for the planet, think about where your power is coming from. Investigate whether you can use a provider that uses renewable sources or, alternatively, consider getting solar panels installed at your home.

Help to Dispel the Myths

The vast majority of people who purchase electric vehicles state, quite openly, that they wouldn’t consider going back to a diesel or petrol. And it’s not hard to see why, they offer significant financial benefits and a more comfortable driving experience. Which is why it’s important that motorists become ambassadors for them after making the change. Help to dispel myths by sharing your experiences and challenge misinformation when you can.

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