Half Of All British Drivers Don’t Understand The MOT

Half of all drivers think an MOT guarantees safety for a whole year; leading them to ignore basic maintenance and repair checks…

Overestimating The MOT

Nearly half of all British motorists are convinced that the MOT guarantees their safety for an entire year. That’s according to new research conducted by Halfords. 2,000 drivers were surveyed as a part of it. 47% of them believed that the test ensured their vehicle’s safety for a year. Even more worryingly, 42% of the respondents shunned general servicing as a result. Weirdly, it was found that significant regional differences exist when it comes to our perception of the test and its capabilities. For instance, 65% of Londoners admitted that it was the only annual check their vehicles receive. This is compared to 30% of Scots. No explanation for this was provided. But it might concern the environments in which we drive and how often we take to the wheel.

Arguably the most alarming find was that 38% of the drivers felt that their brakes were fine when passing the test; despite the fact they only need to meet the legal minimum to pass. Which means they’ll become dangerous and inadequate before the next one. Halford’s research also suggested that some drivers might be neglecting the MOT altogether. 11% of the respondents weren’t sure when their next MOT was due. As a result, they’re at risk of £1,000 fines and violating the terms of their car insurance policies.

Services Are Better

Aaron Edwards, category manager at Halfords, stressed the purpose of the test. He said, “an MOT is only a certificate to say the car is safe to drive the moment it has been tested, so it is concerning that so many motorists treat it as a service. It is not a guarantee that the car is in good running order six months down the line, and it is vital that motorists carry out regular checks as well as an annual service.” He added, “good car maintenance is important for safety purposes as well as the car’s performance”.

Edwards also highlighted the long-term damage a failed MOT can cause. He said, “when it comes to selling your car, prospective buyers may be put off if they see it has previously failed an MOT. A car failing its MOT is a red mark on the car’s history, but it can also reveal that people are driving around in a badly maintained car”.

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