Half Of British Drivers Intend To Buy A New Car In 2022

Just shy of half of the nation’s drivers intend to purchase a new car in 2022, according to new research…

New Cars In 2022

Research conducted by Close Brothers Motor Finance (CBMF) suggests that 49% of the nation’s motorists intend to purchase a new car this year. A third of them want a new set of wheels, whilst 18% intend to get something second-hand. A consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of people are now choosing to travel by car; shunning public transport. Demand is particularly pronounced amongst men and the 25-34 demographic.

However, whilst enthusiasm for cars is high, so are prices. High consumer demand has seen them rise by 30.5% for used cars; the culmination of 21 months of interrupted growth. There’s also some speculation that prices may never return to their pre-pandemic levels; potentially making motoring inaccessible for some.

‘Shop Around’

Seán Kemple, CBMF’s managing director, commented on the rising prices. He said, “demand in the car market has been strong throughout 2021, both for new and used vehicles, and this trend looks set to continue in 2022 with more car owners planning to buy a car than not”.

He added, “the manufacturing delays are unlikely to ease up in the first part of the new year, meaning that stock levels may not be able to meet the demand. Car-buyers need to be prepared to shop around if there is limited stock or long waiting times for the car they want, and speak to car dealers to ensure that they’re getting the right model, engine type and finance option for them”.

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