Heatwave: How To Keep Cool Whilst Driving

The UK is facing a heatwave, with temperatures potentially reaching ‘tropical’ levels. Here’s how to keep cool whilst driving over the coming weeks…

Do you need to Drive?

Temperatures are due to soar over the coming days and weeks in the UK. With many commentators suggesting that the extreme heat we’ll be experiencing is a clear by-product of the climate crisis. In which case, the first question motorists need to ask is ‘do I really need to drive?’ If a journey can wait, or simply be avoided, stay at home and keep cool.

Stay Hydrated

It’s absolutely crucial that we stay hydrated in extreme temperatures, as it’s very easy to become dehydrated. Dehydration can make it difficult to concentrate, which poses a serious safety risk whilst we’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. Take a good amount of water with you when you’re driving; leave it in the shade to keep it cool, or use a quality water bottle.

Park in the Shade

Even in fairly moderate temperatures, the interiors of our cars can become very hot. In which case, it makes sense to try to park our vehicles in shaded areas. This will make them much more comfortable when driving. If you don’t have a garage, try to park beneath a tree or use a covering.

Dress Appropriately

The last thing any driver wants is to be stuck in direct sunlight during a heatwave, whilst in heavy traffic, dressed in a thick layer of clothing. If you’re heading out in high temperatures, ditch the jackets and jeans for t-shirts and shorts. Considering getting a cap and some sunglasses, too.

Get a Sunshade 

It’s not always possible to park your vehicle in the shade, in which case consider investing in some sunshades. These fit to a car’s windows and windscreen, keeping the sunlight out and the interior cool and comfortable for drivers and passengers.

Plan your Journey

Many of us will have no choice but to drive during the coming heatwaves. When this is the case, properly planning our journeys can help us choose routes that are quicker and less likely to leave us exposed to the heat of the sun.

Use Sunscreen 

Brits are fairly notorious for underestimating the dangers posed by the sun. Even when we’re in our vehicles, it’s easy to get sunburnt; especially during a heatwave. Leave some sunscreen in your vehicle during the summer months. Make sure to use it on your arms if they’re exposed, especially the one facing a window.

Use your AC, or get a Fan 

If your car has a good AC system, use it; don’t worry too much hard the fuel being used, it’s what it’s there for. If your car doesn’t have a good air-conditioning system, get a portable fan that you can fit your car’s dashboard.

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