Here Are Some Of The Most Common Driving Myths

There’s practically a folklore surrounding driving, with a host of diverse myths emerging over the years. Here are some of the most common…

Is It Illegal To Drive With An Interior Light On?

You might of heard that it’s illegal to drive with an interior light left on. Usually, you’ll be told by a passenger after forgetting to switch it off. To be clear, it’s not actually illegal. However, in theory, a police officer could pull you over and order you to switch it off – if they deem it to be a distraction for other drivers.

Do All Speed Cameras Have A Flash?

So, you’ve been exceeding the speed limit and you’ve just passed a speed camera. However, you’re feeling calm as you didn’t see a flash. Have you gotten away with it? It depends. A lot of Gatso-made cameras use a flash and these are fairly common across the country. Some, however, use an infra red light instead; meaning you wouldn’t have any way of telling whether you’ve set them off.

Can You Really Drive 10% Over The Limit?

This is a tricky one. The answer is, generally, an emphatic ‘no’ – speed limits exist for a reason, and you should obey them. However, the National Police Chiefs’ Council advises police forces to provide a margin of error of 10% (plus an additional 2mph for speedometer issues). This is called the ‘ten plus two’ rule. Crucially, however, it’s just advice. Police forces are free to abide by it, or ignore it, as they please.

Is Having Two Drinks Before Driving Safe?

One of the most common myths. You might have heard that, in general, people can ‘get away with’ two drinks and still be able to drive safely. This is complete nonsense. There are a host of factors that influence how much alcohol you can consume before feeling the effects. These might include the alcoholic content of what you’re drinking, your sex, body weight, height, genetics and metabolism. You should never drink and drive.

Can You Use Headphones Whilst Driving?

It’s not a crime to wear headphones whilst driving, but it could land you in trouble all the same. Depending on the size or volume, headphones can be a major source of distraction. If you end up in an accident, you could be charged with negligent driving. In addition, you might miss important information – such as the sirens of emergency vehicles.

Can Passengers Drink Alcohol In A Car?

Some myths are more common than others, but this one still does the rounds; possibly because it’s the genuine article in some parts of the world, as in some American states. You can drive with open alcoholic beverages in your vehicle, and your passenger can drink to their heart’s content. Don’t be surprised, however, if a police officer decides to get the breathalyser out if they stop you. Finally, whilst driving instructors are technically passengers, they obviously can’t conduct lessons whilst under the influence.

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