Here’s All Of The Summer Car Checks You Should Be Making

Summer driving conditions can test our vehicles in specific ways. But making a few simple car checks can help you avoid complications…


Car batteries don’t like extreme temperatures, hot or cold. They can affect the complex circuitry and chemical compositions they contain, causing all manner of faults. Corrosion can be a particular problem, especially for older batteries. Make sure to inspect yours frequently, and look for any signs of leaks or rust. Other signs that there’s a problem might include your car taking longer to start and lights may be dimmer than usual.


As far as car checks go, you should be ticking off your tyres on a regular basis. After all, they’re the only thing that separates your vehicle, and therefore you and your passengers, from the road surface. When exposed to warm temperatures, the air inside of your car’s tyres can expand – potentially inflating the tyre. This can lead to punctures and blowouts. Make sure your tyre’s have the right air-pressures and are free of any signs of bulging or tears.

Coolant and Oil

Your engine is going to get hot during the summer months. Therefore, you should always inspect the coolant level in your car when making basic car checks. An overheated engine can experience catastrophic damage, meaning your car could need a complete replacement; this can cost thousands. It’s the same principle with oil, if you don’t have enough your engine can overheat.

Air Conditioning 

During the summer, you’ll likely be using your car’s air conditioning on a regular basis; which will expose it to more wear and tear than usual. It’s likely not a system a typical motorist will be able to properly inspect. So, if yours doesn’t seem to be working properly, get a qualified mechanic to look at it as soon as possible.


Clutches might sound like complicated systems, but they generally present clear symptoms when there’s a problem. During the summer months, traffic is heavier, and congestion is more likely, so you’ll likely find yourself riding the clutch and making more gear changes. If you feel your clutch pedal getting almost ‘spongy’, or if it makes a grinding sound when compressed, it’s probably time to visit a garage.

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