Here’s All Of The Ways You Could Be Wasting Fuel

Fuel prices are soaring in the UK, so much so that new records are continually being set. Here’s how you might be wasting your vehicle’s petrol or diesel…

Underinflated Tyres

If your tyres and underinflated, or overinflated, your car’s engine has to work harder to get them to move. Naturally, this ends up burning through fuel at a faster rate. Make sure that your vehicle’s tyres have the correct air pressures and are free of damage.

Excessive Weight

The heavier your vehicle is, the more strain will be placed on its engine. For this reason, it makes sense to keep your car as light as you possibly can. Anything that doesn’t need to be consistently stored in it, especially heavy items like sports gear or tools, should be removed when not in use. The same goes for bike and roof racks.


This is a fairly obvious one, but it’s often overlooked. The higher the speed you’re travelling at, the more fuel your vehicle is going to burn through. In which case, it makes sense to drive at a reduced speed than at, or above, the speed limit.

Harsh Acceleration 

Modern life can be frantic, and many drivers feel the need to accelerate more harshly than they really need to. Not only will this needlessly contribute to the wear and tear of your car’s parts and components, it’ll also consume petrol and diesel at a faster rate. Keep things smooth if you want to save money.

Engine Idling 

Engine idling is a disaster for public health and the climate. So, it’s not surprising that many local authorities are now fining drivers who leave their engines on whilst parked up. It’s also the most obvious way of needlessly wasting precious fuel. If you’re parked up, switch your engine off.

Needless Journeys 

Just because you can drive somewhere doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes, walking or public transport might be viable. Post-Covid, an increasing number of people are also working from home; meaning that meetings can be conducted online rather than in person. Only drive when you really need to.

Using the Wrong Gear

The gear you use should match your vehicle’s speed. Most modern vehicles will make it clear, digitally, which gear you should be in. But try listening to the engine and give it what it wants.

Failing to Plan 

When we have no choice but to drive somewhere, it makes sense to plan our journeys ahead of time. Try to factor in things like congestion or road roads. A range of conditions can affect fuel economy, from distance travelled to the kinds of roads and driving conditions you’re likely to meet. Choose the most optimal route for you.

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