Here’s How A Sticker Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance

Millions of motorists like personalising their cars, with many of us even naming them. Unfortunately, something as small as sticker can actually invalidate a car insurance policy…

Flying the Flag

If you’re a football fan, you probably enjoy showing support for your team. That might mean attending matches, wearing the t-shirts and putting up stickers at the back of your car. Unfortunately, this innocent gesture could actually invalidate your car insurance altogether; costing you a fortune if you ever find yourself in an accident or without your vehicle. Why? Because as far as insurers are concerned, football stickers are one giant advertisement to potential vandals; namely, vandals who prefer an opposing team or club. In this sense, the industry effectively regards stickers and other forms of personalisation as car modifications; and these it hates with a passion. The same principle, as you might expect, applies to stickers that highlight political allegiances or controversial opinions.

Modifications and Car Insurance

The car insurance industry hates car modifications; which is why they charge a lot more to cover modified cars. The trouble is, of course, how you go about defining what truly is a ‘modification’. After all, a sticker (at least on the surface) would appear extremely tenuous to most. Part of the problem is that car modifications are associated with two things. These are increasing a vehicle’s performance in such a way that it implies erratic or dangerous driving and making the car visible to vandals and thieves. A spoiler or upgraded engine, for instance, might suggest that the driver is a bit of a petrol head and is, therefore, a liability. Some modifications are also naturally expensive, which can increase the risk of the car being stolen or damaged.

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

If you modify your car, you need to inform your insurance provider; no matter how minor the change might be. Should you fail to do this, they may refuse to provide compensation when you find yourself in an accident or your car being stolen. Your premium will almost certainly go up, but that’s better than receiving absolutely no compensation precisely when you need it the most. It’s always best to speak to your insurance provider before making any changes to your vehicle, no matter how small. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about personalisation, whether its a football sticker or registration plate. If you’re looking for a cheap car insurance quote or premium, just avoid making modifications altogether.

So, next time you head to a football match, it might be worth scratching off any stickers or signs of your allegiance. No matter how loyal you are, it’s not worth losing out on hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds!

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