Here’s How Drivers Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

The transport sector is the largest producer of harmful emissions, and cars are the primary contributor. Here’s how drivers can reduce their environmental impact…

Drive Less

Ok, this may sound counterproductive. But the fact is, all drivers can reduce their environmental impact by simply driving less. More so than ever before, an increasing amount of people are working remotely or conducting meetings online. If you can do so, you should. In addition, any journey that can be made by foot or public transport should be seen as an opportunity to reduce the mileage we cover by car.

Get a Smaller Car

As a general rule, the larger a car is, the greater the environmental impact. For example, if SUV drivers represented a nation, it’d rank seventh for harmful emissions. Lots of people like SUVs because they perceive that they’re safer or that they’re a status symbol. But there’s really no need for someone living in a city or suburbia to own one. Only opt for a larger model if you absolutely need it.

Go Electric

No car is truly ‘zero-emission’, and that includes electric ones. They still produce emissions during their manufacturing cycles, and via their tyres and brake systems. That said, they are ‘greener’ than their diesel, petrol and hybrid equivalents; especially if the electricity they use is generated via renewable sources. If you’re in a position to get one, they’re a great way to reduce your environmental impact as a driver.

Keep Things Light

The heavier the load in your car, the harder the engine is going to have to work to get it moving. Sometimes, extra weight is simply a factor of life. Sometimes, for instance, you need to travel with passengers (which is better than everyone driving in their own vehicles). Nevertheless, leaving things like gym gear, sports equipment or tools in the boot when you’re not using them is a bad idea. If it doesn’t need to be in your vehicle, remove it.

Smooth and Steady

One of the easiest ways to reduce our environmental impact as drivers is simply to adjust our driving styles. Things like needless acceleration, harsh braking and speeding can all increase the amount of emissions produced by our vehicles. In which case, it makes sense to keep things smooth and considered if we want to protect the planet.

Don’t Engine Idle

Engine idling is the act of leaving a vehicle’s engine running when it’s not in use. The phenomenon can have a major impact on air-quality, which causes thousands of premature deaths in the UK each and every year. Many people do it outside of schools and medical centres, putting some of the most vulnerable people in society at a heightened risk of health issues. In addition, it also needlessly wastes fuel and releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Turn your engine off when you’re not moving.

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