Here’s How Hypermiling Can Help You Beat The Petrol Crisis

Petrol stations across the country are short on fuel or are inundated with motorists who’ve succumbed to panic buying. Here’s how hypermiling might help you through the crisis…

What is Hypermiling? 

Simply put, hypermiling is the art of getting the most out of your fuel. By adapting your driving style and behaviors, you can make a tank last longer than usual. An obvious benefit of this is that it can save you money but, during a petrol crisis, it can also save you long waits at a petrol station. Some people take hypermiling incredibly seriously, effectively joining a budding sub-culture. But there’s no reason why casual motorists can’t get involved either – here’s a few hypermiling tips that may help you through the coming weeks…

Don’t Drive

Yes, we know, this sounds counter intuitive. But millions of Brits regularly make trips in their cars when they could simply walk; especially when it comes to the local shops or newsagents. If you can make a journey without getting behind the wheel, do it – you’ll save money and fuel.

Go Easy on the Brakes

The best drivers are those drivers who very rarely brake. Sound odd? Think about it, if you’re driving smoothly and concentrating on what’s ahead of you, you’ll rarely need to brake; you certainly won’t need to brake harshly. Not only does this entail significant benefits for a car’s components, it’ll also make a tank of fuel last longer.

Keep Things Smooth

How we drive has a massive impact on our fuel economy. Whether it’s a question of harsh acceleration, reaching excessive speeds or taking corners too sharply, it all has an impact. If you want to make the most of your fuel, drive smoothly.

Watch Your Speed

You want to drive an appropriate speed for the road you’re on. After all, driving too slowly can be just as dangerous as driving too quickly. However, speed limits are just that – limits, not targets. It takes more energy to keep your car moving at higher speeds. This is especially the case when you exceed 70 mph (which you shouldn’t be doing, anyway). You won’t get to your destination much earlier, but you will burn through your petrol or diesel at a faster rate.

Switch off your Gadgets

It’s not just your car’s engine that consumes fuel, it’s all of the other gadgets and gizmos in your vehicle. Anything from a satnav to heating systems can eat away at your fuel. So, only use them when you absolutely need them and switch them off when they’re not in use.

Windows Up 

When your windows are down, your car will face additional air resistance and becomes less aerodynamic. This is especially the case when driving at high speeds, such as when you’re on a motorway. Keep them up in order to avoid drag.

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