Here’s How To Defrost Your Car Properly

Defrosting a car can be tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. Here’s a few things to bear in mind when you need to defrost your vehicle…


Before we discuss how to safely and effectively defrost your vehicle, it’s worth considering how you can prevent your car freezing over altogether. If you have the space, consider storing your vehicle inside a garage over night. If you don’t have interior storage space, park it as closely to your house as possible. You can also invest in windscreen shields, which will prevent ice from building up.

Inspect Your Windscreen Wipers

Before you start the defrosting process, you should inspect your windscreen wipers. If they’re frozen solid, and you turn them on, their motor or rubber lining could end up getting damaged; meaning you’d need to get them replaced.

Switch on the Engine

After inspecting your windscreen wipers, start your car’s engine and turn on the heating. If you’re lucky enough to have rear windscreen and mirror heaters, switch these on as well. Air-con is useful, too, as it’ll remove moisture from the air. Resist the urge to use your hand to clear and debris, as this can leave greasy smears or even scratch glass surfaces.

Crucially, don’t leave your car unattended for even a moment whilst the engine is on. Opportunistic thieves love winter, recognising that some drivers leave their cars running to get back into the warm. If your car is stolen in this way, you’ll have a very hard time getting a payment from your insurance provider.

Remove Snow and Debris

If there’s an excessive amount of snow on your vehicle, you should ensure that it’s cleared before setting off on your journey. Not only can this move and obstruct your view, it can be a hazard to other road-users should it fall off at speed. Police officers can stop you if you’ve failed to properly defrost your vehicle.

Start Scraping 

Whilst your car’s defrosting from within, use the time to scrape ice off of your car’s windows and mirrors. As the car starts to warm, this should get progressively easier. Use a proper ice-scraper and some good quality de-icer; using a credit card, or something similar, could scratch or damage surfaces.

Beware of ‘Hacks’ 

Every winter there are popular ‘hacks’ circulated online claiming they can speed up the defrosting process. They’re nearly always more effort than they’re worth and, sometimes, they’re even risky. One popular concept is putting warm water is a plastic bag and wiping it across surfaces – this can, especially for older vehicles, cause glass surfaces to actually crack or weaken!

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