Here’s How To Keep Warm Whilst Driving

Summer is distant history and the weather is getting cooler. Here’s how to keep warm whilst behind the wheel…

Heated Seats

An increasing number of cars are coming with heated seating options. They’re a fantastic way of keeping warm during the cooler months. However, just because your car doesn’t come with them doesn’t mean you need to miss out. There’s a wide variety of heated seat covers that can easily be fitted to most cars.

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Warm Clothing

One of the most straightforward ways of keeping warm in your car is by dressing appropriately. If you’re setting off on a lengthy journey, putting a coat or jacket on can make a big difference. It’s also worth keeping a woolly hat or a decent pair of driving gloves in your car – so you’ve got them when you need them,

Steering Wheel Warmer

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now purchase steering wheel warmers for your car. These are essentially soft, sometimes heated, covers that fit over your vehicle’s steering wheel; making them warmer to the touch. Generally, they’re pretty cheap, too.

Insulated Mug

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm drink to ward off the autumnal and winter chill? However, there’s nothing worse than a cold tea or coffee. Getting an insulated mug for your car means you can keep your drinks warmer for longer; as well as being able to take larger amounts with you.


You never know if you’re going to get stuck in heavy traffic or if your vehicle is going to experience a breakdown. Should this happen during a cold snap, it’s ideal to have some (ideally insulated) blankets to hand. Especially if you’re travelling with vulnerable passengers, such as the very young or old.

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