Here’s How To Prepare For A Long Car Journey

Driving over long distances can be demanding, mentally and physically. Here’s how to prepare for a lengthy journey by car…

Pack the Essentials

If you’re setting off on a long car journey, it’s crucial that you pack the essentials. As a general rule, it’s always wise to pack some water and some food. Loose change can also be useful when it comes to parking, as not all locations accept card. Depending on the weather, you should consider the clothes you’ll be wearing – will they be comfortable? For emergencies, a torch, sat nav and first-aid kit can be crucial, too.

Check your Car

You don’t want to set off on a lengthy journey if your car isn’t up to it. You should make a few basic car checks before setting out. Inspect your tyres for any signs of punctures or damage. You should also make sure that they’ve got the right air pressures and a sufficient amount of tread. In addition, check your vehicle’s fluid levels. Does it have enough oil, coolant and wiper fluid?

Plan the Routes

It’s never a bad idea to plan the routes you’ll be taking on your journey, whether you’ll be using a sat nav or not. It’ll help you avoid road works and stretches of the network that are typically congested. It’s also a good way of dodging tolls or types of roads you’d rather avoid. You’ll also want to determine good spots for taking breaks along the way. Think about your preferences and plan appropriately.

Think about your Passengers

If you’re travelling with passengers, you need to take their needs into account. Young children, for instance, will likely become bored and irritable if they aren’t suitably entertained. In which case, packing some games or toys might be a good idea. If you’ll be travelling with pets, you’ll need to ensure that they’re properly hydrated and receive regular breaks. Don’t just think about your own needs.

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