Here’s How To (Safely) Get The Most Out Of Your Car’s Tyres

Tyres can be expensive. The legal tread depth is currently 1.6mm, but experts suggest that around 3.2mm is optimal. You can make your tyres last longer by adjusting your driving style and carrying out basic maintenance checks…

Keep Things Light

Most user-manuals will specify a car’s maximum loading capacity; this is the amount of weight it can bear safely and without experiencing any damage. If you overload your car, you’re massively increasing the pressure on your tyres; forcing them into anything and everything you come across on the road. In general, this can cause far faster rates of wear and tear. Your user manual should also have a recommended pressure for maximum load capacity; you should ensure that you follow this if your car is regularly carrying heavy loads. In general, however, try to keep weight as low as possible.

Consider Your Driving Style

How you drive can have a major impact on how quickly your tyres deteriorate. Needless accelerating and hard braking can easily burn through rubber over time, greatly affecting your tread depth. You should also try to avoid hitting curbs and debris when on the road, as these can wreak havoc on the walls of your tyres. Consistently driving at high speeds, especially those past the legal limit, can also cause significant damage; another reason to stick to the speed limit.

Check Your Pressures

 It’s important that your check your tyre pressure on a regular basis. You should be doing this for safety, if nothing else. However, regular checks are also essential in keeping tyres in a good condition. Should the pressure be too low, it’s possible they’ll experience flexing and increased temperatures; both can damage the tyre wall. Conversely, over-inflation can cause wear and tear due to a reduced contact area. Incorrect pressures can also cause bursts.

Wheel Alignment

 If your wheels aren’t aligned, you tyres will wear unevenly. This can place further strains on already exposed tyres. Your wheels should always be straight and parallel to each other. There are a number of factors that can contribute to your wheels losing their alignment, including something as simple as hitting a curb or going over a speed bump too quickly. A classic sign that your wheels are misaligned is when your car moves to one side when driving in a straight line. Get this investigated as soon as possible.

Storing Your Car

If possible, keeping your car undercover at night is always a good idea. It protects your car from thieves, keeps it securely in place and, believe it or not, can protect it from a variety of hazards. Rain, heat and ultraviolet light can have an effect on your car’s tyres. The extent of the damage naturally depends on the severity of the weather conditions and the amount of time your car is exposed to them. Keeping your tyres away from these conditions will make them last longer.

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