Here’s How You’re Accidentally Devaluing Your Car

A car is probably the second most expensive thing most people will ever pay for, after a home or property. Despite this, many drivers neglect and abuse their vehicles which needlessly eats away at their value. Here’s the most common ways that they do it…

Ignoring Warning Lights

See that little light that’s popped up on your dashboard or speedometer? That’s a warning light. So named because it’s, well, a warning. It’s true that it could be an error or a malfunction. But it could also mean what it’s meant to mean, which could be anything from an overheating engine to a flat tyre. Learn to recognise them, pay attention to them and respond appropriately.

Smoking In Your Car

Smoking is bad for you, really bad. But it’s also bad for your car and its value. Not only is the smell of nicotine exceptionally difficult to get rid of, the smoke emitted by cigarettes can discolour the interior of your car. So it’s not wise to smoke whilst behind the wheel, even with the window open.

Poor Parking Skills

It’s Saturday morning and the shopping centre is heaving. You’ve doubled around the car park three times and then, suddenly, that old lady who’s spent twenty minutes loading her car begins to reverse; leaving you with a space. Unfortunately, it’s very narrow and not at all suitable for your imposing SUV. To hell with it, you think, as you masterfully pull in and somehow leave yourself with just enough room to get out. Feeling pretty good about yourself? Probably, but that’ll all change when you return to find a huge dent or scratch in one of your car’s doors. Parking too closely to other vehicles is an invitation to trouble, only park in places with plenty of space in order to reduce risk.

Car Modifications

You know why it’s called a ‘spoiler’, surely? Not only will it make some people judge you very, very harshly (it’s a cruel world), it’ll also profoundly devalue your car. Why? Because all sorts of demographics won’t want a car with a spoiler, rotating alloys or tinted windows. By modifying your car you’re limiting the amount of people who’ll be interested in it later down the line. Many modifications are expensive and are difficult to apply, which means they can also be difficult to remove. Don’t modify your car if you want to preserve its value.

Using Your Car As A Rubbish Tip

Sure, who hasn’t eaten a burger in their car at some stage? That doesn’t mean you should do it all of the time, nor is it an excuse to leave crumbs and rubbish lying around. Over time debris from food and drink builds up and can wreak havoc on all sorts of materials. In addition, even if you do clean your car you’ll still find it hard to get breadcrumbs and crisp fragments out of the very hard-to-reach places in your car’s interior.

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