Here’s Ten Ways You Can Slash Your Fuel Costs

Fuel prices are at a record high, and it’s thought that they’ll continue to rise. Here’s how you can fight back…

Keep Things Light

Our cars are getting bigger than ever before. Indeed, SUVs make up around 40% of the global market. As a result, there’s an increasing tendency to store things in our vehicles – and often unnecessarily. The heavier our vehicles are, the harder the engine has to work in order to move them; that means increased fuel costs. Try to remove things from your vehicle when you don’t need them.

Shop Around

Even when prices are at a record high, some retailers are better than others. As a general rule, supermarkets are better than independents – simply due to their purchasing power. But they’re far from perfect, and there’s a lot of variation amongst them. Try to keep an eye on prices in your area, and resist any temptation to simply go along with convenience. Being selective could bring down your fuel costs in the long-term.

Don’t Bother with ‘Premium’ Options

Most fuel retailers will offer a ‘premium’ fuel, usually a variant of petrol. Don’t bother with it. Research suggests that only high-performance vehicles may experience any benefit from using them – and even then it’s tenuous. You’ll simply be paying more for something that’ll have a negligible (if any) impact on your mpg.

Look after your Tyres

The better condition your tyres are in, the easier your engine will find it to get your car moving. Which means you want to keep an eye on things like tread depth and pressures. You’ll also want to keep an eye open for any sign of wear or tear, too.

Don’t Speed

You shouldn’t speed in general. However, in terms of fuel costs, speeding is a sure way to throw money down the drain. For instance, research suggests that going above 70mph on a motorway barely makes a journey shorter but substantially decreases mpg. Stick to speed limits to stay safe and to save money.

Adjust Your Driving Style

How you drive has an enormous impact on how much fuel your engine will get through. Things like needless acceleration, speeding or unsmooth manoeuvring all put a strain on your car’s engine. It’s also a sure way to ruin your car’s parts and components – many of which can have a direct impact on fuel consumption.

Learn the Art of Hypermiling

Hypermiling is the art of getting as much out of your car’s petrol or diesel as is humanely possible. There are both safe, and unsafe, approaches and knowing the distinction is important. It involves changing your driving behaviour – and the art has spawned entire sub-cultures. There are innumerable websites and forums dedicated to hypermiling, and all are worth a look if you want to save money.

Don’t Drive (When it’s an Option)

We live in a society predicated on car usage. There’s no getting away from this fact. However, all of us probably make journeys by car when an alternative, including walking, is a genuine option. Public transport is naturally a mixed-bag, but it’s worth considering (especially buses). We certainly shouldn’t be driving to the shop at the end of our streets – walking will suffice, and save money.

Digital Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. An increasing number of people now work from home (at least some days a week). If you’ve got a job that allows for it, and an open-minded, employer, it may be worth having a conversation – eliminating commuting will save serious money. If working from home isn’t an option, maybe you can cut back on other forms of work-related travel? Millions of people have discovered that digital meetings can be just as productive as ‘real’ ones.

Leave the Heating Off 

During the winter or colder months, there’s a temptation to make extensive use of our car’s heating systems. However, these all use energy that puts a strain on our car’s engines. No one wants to be cold, but it may simply be wiser, from a financial perspective, to wear some thicker, weather-appropriate clothing whilst on the road.

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