Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Car’s Air Conditioning

A significant number of drivers have had problems with their cars’ air conditioning systems this year. Here’s what you need to know…

Air Conditioning Woes 

Having faced a heatwave, British drivers throughout the country have been relying on their cars’ air conditioning systems to keep themselves cool. However, a significant number of them have been facing frustrating technical problems and seemingly without good reason.

There are many reasons why a car’s air conditioning might fail. Anything from a build up of dust to a leak in the system can cause it to go awry. But what’s often overlooked is often the simplest explanation. Because the UK’s climate is traditionally so mild, British motorists often go for long periods without using their vehicle’s air conditioning. This, in of itself, can cause problems. Just as your car’s engine might fail to start if left idle for too long a period, other components also require steady and consistent usage; and air-con is no different.

Throughout the year, regardless of the weather, you should try to use your car’s air-con. Even if you simply leave your car stationary, sat idle on a driveway, it’s worth switching it on for a few minutes every couple of weeks. This will keep its parts and components in working order, so that they’re up to the task come the next heatwave.

Other Technical Issues 

As you might expect, you car’s air-con is routinely exposed to all sorts of dirt, dust and grime. This can build up over time and wreak havoc on its parts. This is why it’s so important to keep an eye on it, regularly cleaning it or taking it for a proper service. If things get too bad, you could end up facing ruined components and, as a consequence, an eye-watering repair bill.

Most cars have their conditioning condenser fitted at the front, where they bring the air in from under the front of the car. This, as you might expect, makes them vulnerable to bouncing rocks and debris from road surfaces. Vents can leak and hoses can split overtime. This is why you should get your vehicle’s air conditioning thoroughly inspected at least once every two years.

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