Highways England: Consider Your Dog’s Welfare On Long Journeys

Highways England is urging drivers to consider the welfare of their canine companions whilst making long journeys post-lockdown…

Driving with Dogs 

Highways England is urging drivers to consider the well-being of their dogs whilst making long journeys. Recent research has suggested that millions of Brits will be taking ‘staycations’ as the nation comes out of lockdown. Many of them, it’s believed, will be taking their dogs with them. Highways England is therefore partnering up with the ‘Driving with Dogs’ website to recommend dog-friendly locations and offer helpful advice.

Richard Leonard, head of road safety at Highways England, has recommended drivers with pets take regular stops and stock up on water. He said, “we want all our customers, including the four-legged ones, to arrive at their destinations safely this summer. I’d urge drivers to make sure they plan a break into longer trips as well as preparing for any journey, especially in hot weather, by stocking up on water and checking travel conditions before setting off”.

Welfare Considerations

When driving with a dog, it’s important that you…

1) Travel with plenty of water and a suitable bowel. Dogs and other pets can easily overheat in a car, so it’s important that you keep them hydrated.

2) Keep them properly secure in the car, either with the use of a harness or carrier. This will prevent them from distracting you or from hurting themselves should you come to a sudden stop – or worse.

3) Keep your dog on a lead before letting them out of the vehicle. New places can be exciting for dogs, especially if there are lots of people, cars and other animals. The last thing you want is for your dog to get overly excited and to run off.

4) Take regular breaks. Travelling in a car, over long distances, can be uncomfortable for humans – even more so for dogs. Make sure to stop regularly, letting your pets stretch their legs and answer calls of nature. Don’t forget a snack and some water, too.

5) Keep tabs on the temperature of your car, especially at the rear seats and boot. What’s tolerable to you may be too hot for your dog.

Suitable Locations 

According to Highways England, these are suitable (and popular) destinations for dogs…

M60/M62, Greater Manchester – Heaton Park has over 600 acres of parkland to explore.

A46, Lincolnshire – Hartsholme Country Park and Swanholme Lakes local nature reserve.

A12, Blaxhall Common, Suffolk – A relatively quiet and laid back nature reserve.

M25, junction 8, Reigate, Surrey – North Downs Way and Gatton Park.

A38, Plympton, Devon – Saltram House (National Trust). Dogs are welcome in the parkland and onsite woods.

M5, junction 18, Bristol – Blaise Castle. Plenty of meadows and woodland to explore.

M6, junction 5 or 7 – Sutton Coldfield. This former deer park has around 2,400 acres to roam and explore. More than enough for even the most demanding pooch.

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