Highways England Has Caught 10,000 Tailgaters In Two Weeks

Highways England, using new camera technology, has caught 10,000 tailgaters on the nation’s motorways in just two weeks…

10,000 Tailgaters Caught 

Highways England has managed to catch 10,000 tailgaters in just two weeks; and it’s all thanks to the latest camera technology. Rolled out in October, it allows the organisation to record motorists who drive too closely to other vehicles. Back in 2018, 130 people were killed or seriously injured in accidents involving tailgating. Highway’s England hopes that the new tech will help better educate drivers of the risks associated with the habit. Offenders will receive a letter in the post after being caught by the new camera system. As of now, offenders won’t be prosecuted; instead, it’s simply hoped that they’ll draw attention to the issue.

Jeremy Philips, Highways England’s Head of Road Safety, said that the new cameras were installed to “make drivers aware of their behaviour and encourage better driving”. The cameras themselves can monitor drivers passing through 150 metre stretches of road. Operators also have the option to link various cameras together for a greater field of view. The recorded footage can also differentiate between tailgaters and drivers who are simply overtaking or suddenly braking.

Space Invaders 

Tailgating has evidently become more of a problem on British roads in recent years. Earlier in the year, Highways England launched a ‘Don’t Be A Space Invader’ campaign to raise awareness of the issue. One of the organisation’s surveys revealed that a disturbing 25% of British drivers are willing to admit that they often tailgate other drivers. The Highway Code encourages drivers to leave a two-second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. This should be extended when visibility is reduced or when weather conditions are poor. Moreover, tailgating can land drivers with a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licenses.

Most drivers find tailgating intimidating and distracting. Should the driver in front be forced to brake, shunting accidents are likely. In addition, if they’re sufficiently concerned, their own driving may suffer; causing their driving to become erratic and unsafe. When drivers do find themselves being tailgated, it’s important to remain calm and to maintain a safe speed. Should the tailgater persist, simply change lanes when it’s safe to do so – there’s no point in racing them. Don’t forget that tailgaters are simply trying to intimidate you, they don’t want to crash into your vehicle.

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